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Help today plz new pic.wed14 need a start

Female Escorts Cleveland, Ohio, US » 3 months ago


Sorry with phone not working past six days al cause no net here. But took pic so u didn't think was hiding me. Just see . Crappy phone huh Bellatoniblogspot.com Bellatoni com. Google Toni Benz. Asoon as net here works upload adult vid. Or like I said maybe go to. Denny's andupload. Cause like uto see. But blog has last pics dressy nude and nude vid .just wanted to add. .killing U will. Never. Guess what ok So Honest guys. Not a lot cause I know have to start over. Saving or.leave money But. Phone. And. Dr. And so just Know asking a lot but need to re sorry to save me something for emergencies or just leave money. If u have time in next few days .that and sock sec card get all I need. For new .id but But plz note I did what I said. Cash for ..I just think it funny .as I got new cell someone brought me the one. From year ago.. excat once . Daughter brought me lingerie had ye as ago when came in. At least few outfit nylons .the guy played dumb that. Held my luggage I even said just the plain. Box. But As promised. Did 3 of the Four things had to do before leave or make up mind That was. Will also changed passwords etc fied tablet . Got new electronics Went to Dr ..had pay cash .so all set and .helped daughter a little Now. Just to re get or try at least he my savings back See. That why cle upsets me. Isn't cause badbir eveyone mean or wants give 20 it is more. I look like an idiot. Here .and well the wt loss I know Ohhhhh that speaking of. As u an see since kidney med. Gained few lbs back not bone boneand like I said .what I like energy and personality also following. Suite so is drive so I the happy go lucky Les have fun girl u knew And. Well asked to write review. New person saw but as promised .short reply just say and sure come and. No worries o u know the commentarynews now .soooo not need to tell u By Gosh huh. Almost almost. Man I could die so close to being ok and normal ..forget this past year ya know And did short conscise txt. Didn't tell u new in person. Do hear and I do get it Now the fun and what I do and am good at and clean safe etc. That U know that is easy part for me Plus. Words anyone can say I can hack my up with. Reviews. Vids etcc. Ranking anyway Come by have fun and it not only helps me. Out but I enjoy it also .isn't like it's torture lol.... liveeeee compnay care u have a great time I only say. Ok if can do and give u great time. And care u have. It And. No B's games etc the fun etc everything but islands is all can think of. By sure okay it by ear. Do both or one. Massage. Rub. Gfe pse or. Fetishes roleplay BDSM altn sensual but also dominant fantasy y specific requests. .I don't have a list. Don't go one time. Say ok to one person. Come by. Have fun. So what want and. Leave about ....... 216 212 5623 As soon as turn old phone on tell u number. BIO ***Toni Benz, Italian /Russian Im A petite toned 34DDD 26 36, 5'3, 115lbs Firecracker, with a fun personality, a kinky side *I take care of myself by working out/ eating right, I like to have a mild tan, have had laser hair removal , everywhere. I am soft naturally, small landing strip is all that is left of ANY hair on my body. I do not wear perfume or heavy make up/glit every day. And each morning , I gargle peroxide in my mouth to keep my teeth sparkling and germ free. I also file/oil my feet soft maintained high arch size 7 shoes. I'm STD checked every month( yes even when I travel) i love spending time with new people Im the life of the party,super fun. I am flexible, on all fronts ....asking questions . Seeing people. I enjoy every bit of what I do, in all positions (legs behind my head, doggy, mission, riding, froggy, etc.) IT IS SAME CONCEPT THOUGH,YOU CHOSE OR WHY CHOSE.I PERSONALLY, I LIKE VARIETTY SO PICK DIFFERENT STYLED PEOPLE DAY or 0 if none to liking. I bring all we need lingerie, nylons, heels, boots, dress, bodysuits, etc. I have every style of bra for every liking and every color. Same with toys. I say for u ..strap.prost..fings plug but also for me. I have vibrator, bullet for us. If we desire. Same with glide lotions, supplies i bring my ownlinens. For sets of sheets, washclothes and clean freak supplies.I am honest and timely . I do right by you l am naturally a clean freak. That is paraniod, watch for safety. care about traffic exposure, energy levels, looking nice, you work hard for your escape and deserve time for yourself and good service. Let's just say I'm not lazy, not a robot and don't have dull personality. IMPORTANT::: IF all else fails(somehow we dont mesh), as a nurse I really do care. YOU HAVE A GREAT ,RELAXING TIME. It Pleases me that you are pleased. Thank you for your time!!! Enjoy thur. slept all day wed. was exhausted ok. heard a few things. its just communication , remember i was atound yeard gi took 8 years away from this, things are a lot different. just say im coming toni be there in whatever. doesnt have to be exact. u know seeing 1 or 2 of u is great by me,, i thought quick the prupose was to be easy going, sexy butts , so threw on an outfit, fresh linen, , ready, besides that. just lmk . not a mind reader, i didnt know people just drove,, same. with technology, beaR with me. adding to blog daily for u, learning the apps, not all of us lie, ya know, offer great service at reasonable rate, . okay dokay. lmk what works , thanks


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