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EarLy BirD HaPPy HouRs (6-8) CaR ViSiT BBBJ $50

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🐦 Early Bird Happy Hour:🐦

Happy Hour time extended!!     Today only!! 6 AM - 8 AM $40   BBBJ Car visits 10 mins       tops text me when your on          Ashley phosphate and are                ready to pick me up!!

🚗$50 BBBJ Car Visits🚗


🕖Happy hour is 7AM - 8AM only🕗                                                                                             🚫No exceptions🚫

✔️Rules for the early bird happy hour deal:

🚫No rainchecks.

🚫No appts scheduled in advanced for these visits

✔️Happy Hour donations are $50 plus tips upon discretion 🤦‍♀️ I can not give any more discounts for this deal. Do not ask me if you can come with less then $50 and do not show up with less then $50. 🤷‍♀️ If you do I will gladly accept the donation you did bring since you wasted time showing up with out it but I will not continue with the rest of the visit. 💁‍♀️

✔️Visits for the happy hour are 10 mins max.⌛️ It's on you to be done with in that time frame and if your not that is not my problem. ⏳️

🚫No extra time will be given, even with extra donation there is no extra time.


🕡I will not start accepting calls for the happy hour deal until 630 AM 🕡

☝️It's first come first serve. ☝️

🙈when you text me you must tell me that your wanting the happy hour special, otherwise I will not assume thats is what your wanting and you will be scheduled for the regular car visit.🙉

👉Once we've established that you'll be coming for happy hour I will give you the next app time available. Remember your time and be on time. This is very important (see rules below for explanation)👈

➡️Again visits for happy hour are 10 mins max. Pay close attention to this next rule.↘️ I have to many clients cause me hell with this but it is the best rule I have⬇️

▶️Your app starts at the time I give you and will last for 10 mins.⏹️ No exceptions.‼️  Which means if your late you'll only have the remainder of the scheduled 10 mins. ⏯️ ⏹️Your app still ends at the same time as schedule.⏩️  So if your 10 mins or more late you've missed your app and I will not reschedule you unless there are appts still available after I've seen all the clients who are scheduled for the day and it's not 8 yet.⏭️ If I've not got any more appts left or if it's after 8 you'll have to try another day.⏩️ The ten mins I schedule you for are your ten mins.🎦 I'm not gonna let you take up someone else's time or cost someone else a visit who did show on time just cause you can't be responsible. ⏪️And happy hour is for one hour which means it ends at 8 and I don't extend it for someone who can't respect the rules. ⏮️Sorry. I just don't like those who mess with my time and others time or who mess things up for others cause of their selfishness.  🔁

💸If your late snd don't get the full 10 min visit the donation is still $50 💸 no matter when you show up even if you've missed your app or If there is one min left I will still charge you $50.🤑 So be on time and have the correct donation. I'll take what ever amount you have but I won't do the service with less then $50🤑

🕖Be there a little early. I'll tell you where you'll be picking me up when you schedule, be there a little early and I'll text you when to pick me up and we will then head to a spot close by.🕗 The 10 mins starts once we park and ends 10 mins later. ⏳️

Like always it's 💵PAYMENT ON ARRIVAL.💵 I know some of you always hope for a way around this rule but give it up. 🔐Like I said time starts when we park so if any of your time is used up dealing with the payment.. not my problem you've known the rules. ‼️What I've seen works best for clients is to have a certain spot for your donation,‼️ and let me know about it and have the donation in that spot each time you come so i can see that it's there then grab it once we're done. ‼️So have this done for happy hour visits to make the most of your time. Like in the drink holder or in the sun viser.‼️ Put it there before picking me up, let me know its there but I usually spot them. ♀️That way once your ten mins start we are only focused on the bbbj. ♂️

🆗️The visit ends once you cum or the 10 mins runs out which ever is first. At that time we can fix things fairly fast and be on our way back since I'm usually ginna have someone waiting for me. 🆒️ Happy hour is usually fully booked so there is always someone waiting and another app that has to Start on time. 🚸That's why I am so strict about how you treat the time frame I'm giving you.⚠️

🚗Drive me back to my spot or else if I decide to get dropped off else wbere or walk back from the spot please say good by and go on with the day so i can go on with mine. I would appreciate it if there was no idol chit chat at this time. Save it for our regular visits when you have more time with me and the time is covered by your donation. Happy hour is to fast paced for anything of leisure and I'm under to much pressure to keep up, be fast and efficient and stay on schedule so I don't get behind or start late and be done before 8 am. 🛑

💯Again I am relying on you all to be respectful of me and the time. If you can't be or there are to many problems I will not be able to offer this happy hour any longer.💥 However if things go good I would like to have another happy hour in the evenings each day like the morning happy hour.  😁

🕖So.. be ready to text me in the morning at 630 and get your happy hour appt time and come see me for the killer donation of just $50🕗

👉I can't wait to see you

💞This deal is available to new clients, past clients, repeat clients and regulars.. And with this low price I am hoping to see most of you take advantage of it ✅️

🚫Because of this daily special I will not be able to work out any deals for the regular bbbj car visit any longer. ⛔️They will be 15 min max and $60 no exceptions at all.. if your needing a deal due to low funds then you'll have to schedule for the early bird happy hour.

🔄All other rules still apply

☯️Hope to see you at happy hour else schedule a regular visit with me today.. why put it off?? Your long over due for the good time i can give you!! ☯️

📲843-474-9047 📱


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