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Fri eve. Ill be around. A liitle bit co be great

Body Rubs Cleveland, Ohio, US » 1 day ago


Hey guys. ,440 335 2540


But for now,.. come by ,

, 440 335 2540




Updated blog for you. Has a lot pics vids adult to slo.

gfe pse specefic requests

Body rub p2p glide, fetishes roleplay bdsm sensual edge em,,,body worship , gosh a lot of things except by Islands, cant if anythingl. Off the bat,l I hate, or bad at but just ask. Bluntly honest. Thank u guys soooooooo much cant even tell u how much appreciate u,,

440 335 2540

Toni benz. Bellatoni

33271,,,,under most u tube, google, ,,,social sites, wrestle sites, glamour model webcam,, sexy job's, photo vid sites on all site some form of toni. toni b bellatoni toni benz.

Reviews e,m, usa guide all Bios have and vid clips blog. All u need updated. For u,, pics vids ,pics

440 335 2540

**Toni Benz, Italian /Russian

Im A petite toned 34DDD 26 36, 5'3, 115lbs

Firecracker, with a fun personality, a kinky side *I take care of myself by

working out/ eating right, I like to have a mild tan, have had laser hair

removal , everywhere. I am soft naturally, small landing strip is all that is

left of ANY hair on my body. I do not wear perfume or heavy make up/glit

every day. And each morning , I gargle peroxide in my mouth to keep my teeth

sparkling and germ free. I also file/oil my feet soft maintained high arch size

7 shoes. I'm STD checked every month( yes even when I travel) i love spending

time with new people Im the life of the party,super fun. I am flexible, on all

fronts ...I enjoy every bit of what I do,

I have all we need for any kind of fun .lingerie nylons heels toys

Vibrator, bullet for us. If

we desire. Same with glide lotions, supplies i bring my ownlinens. For sets of

sheets, washclothes and clean freak supplies.I am honest and timely . I do

right by you l am naturally a clean freak. That is paraniod, watch for safety.

care about traffic exposure, energy levels, looking nice, you work hard for

your escape and deserve time for yourself and good service. Let's just say I'm

not lazy, not a robot and don't have dull personality. IMPORTANT::: IF all else

fails(somehow we dont mesh), as a nurse I really do care. YOU HAVE A GREAT


It Pleases me that you are pleased.

Toni Benz aka( bellatoni..dot com)

Bellatoniblog,blohspot.com ter p411 em, easy verofy

34DDD 25 36

Bellatoni. Massage r6ody rub p2p glide

Escort. Gfe pse.

Sensual dom toys fetishes roleplay etc

Mother daughter sessions

440 335 2540

Strongsville incall

Hey guys took few days to myself, . Only putting so u know. Ill delete in a minute , btw should only be a paragraph. Or less here

I still plan on,, headed out,, you know how i cant stand looking like i cant keep my word,,,,,, we were all set for Pittsburgh. Sat am , someone said,,, im going to make copies for you then pick you up. Stop at bmv bank, and be on our way) ,,, i txted about 3 asked if evrything was ok,] i got a txt back. Saying who is this, i dont know who you sre or who your trying to reach ,don't txt again () she told evryonim trying set her, up,, do dead to her)., no it was fine,, exceot she drew all my attention *************so. At least i did

but like i said did hair, nails tanned. Laundry,,,,, i only didnt move over wkbd. Told u., everything was booked snd expensive some car show) its like cle vs other cities ,, elsewhere they know i know what im doing,,, i have real,, licenses,,other companies,, i put invoices thru and jobs i do )

Let alone don't see anyone. So no traffic,,, ,, ots only you guys that dont know me,,, like i said i dont blame you i see how much it changed and u only knew me at extremes.. but after 3 hospitalizationd last year,, phew,,, i said something good. U work harder for ssme things.,,l hey did u see the article cane outmm cle most sressed deprssed city in us ,,, #1 , i said im not negative , there just fscts,, do i try do s diff rate her for you,,,,

Ok i would like to at least move,, if you have tmne , in next day or two,, looking up now.,,,ohhh i did updatw thr blig. Have one More vid to add , to round in out., i actuakyy have a ton, but i wanted try just put one each and last taken pics ,to blog for you ,

I love you. Toni


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